Viking Ship Munin

You are invited to the Munin relocation ribbon cutting & family event on the field!

Date:  Saturday, May 18, 2024

Time:  1pm to 3pm

The ‘Munin has Landed; a family Viking ship event at the Scandinavian Community Centre!
The Viking Ship Munin has been relocated from the parking lot onto a gravel & timber pad built by volunteers in the south-east corner of the grass field where she will be a working exhibit.
“This ship is our gift to the community of a journey into history.”  We said that at the July 2001 launch and it remains our commitment.
Munin gave the volunteer builders and supporters, and the thousands who sailed on her over 15 years, a living history experience  – let our heritage events continue!


  • Ribbon cutting by Master Boat Builders Kristian Frostad & Arne Frostad together with Else Bardsness representing herself and Raymond Bardsness: leaders of the Munin ship building project in 2000-2001.
  • Kids & family games:  tug-of-war, shield carrying foot races, parading around the field etc. Bring your flags.
  • Dress up suggestions:  National dress, Viking attire, Norse Gods, Trolls.
  • Hot dogs & ice cream for sale.  Or bring a picnic lunch.And let’s make this a bit of a reunion – we especially encourage everyone who has been involved with the Munin – in it’s construction, events, sailing, maintenance, parade floats, display, fundraising – to join us so we can have real conversations about our shared experiences and how we move forward into the future.  Family and friends are so welcome.We would love to see you there.Once again we would welcome volunteers who want to be involved in any number of tasks:  ship & equipment restoration & maintenance, Scandinavian Midsummer Festival living exhibit development, educational and fun program development, fundraising events, community activities.We would appreciate your help – and there is no time like the present to become involved.If you want to volunteer please contact:  Bill Emerslund at or Marian Toft at, 778-773-8349, or any of our regular volunteers.  We will be happy to hear from you.
  • To find out more about Munin’s history, please see