Date: Saturday February 2nd
Time: 1pm to 9pm

Photos — Talks — Displays- Costumes — Music & Films — Sami Dress — Furnished lavvu!

1pm Greetings: Sami National Anthem
Displays: artifacts, photos, books
Light Lunch available all day

1pm Film

2.40pm Coffee Break
3pm My People 4 minutes; history and culture
3.10pm Sami Wisdom; 20 minutes; culture, lavvu
3.30pm The Last Generation; 1hr; Young Sami strives to herd reindeer
4.30pm Sami People; 13 min; Sami herders
4.45pm Joiking Competition 10 min film

5:00 pm Social Hour

6:00 pm Sami Celebration Reindeer Dinner

7pm Speaker Lloyd Binder, Inuvik Reindeer Herder, on Reindeer in Northern Canada
Cost of the dinner: Adults $30; children 12+ $15
Contact for dinner tickets or 604 294‑0749

Please help organize the show. Contact all Carolyn

Presented by the Scandinavian Cultural Society