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Norwegian House Society (NHS) is a registered non-profit charitable organization formed in 1995 as a cultural organization representing the more than 100,000 people of Norwegian descent in British Columbia who have deep roots in a province so much like their home country.

NHS worked with the Boards of Directors and Members of Sweden House Society, Finland House Society and Danish House Society to raise the funds necessary to purchase the former Norwegian Seamen’s Centre, the Roald Amundsen Centre, from the Norwegian Government and to create the current Scandinavian Community Centre.

With the purchase of this centrally-located building and property, of historical importance to the local Norwegian community, NHS was able to secure a cultural home where traditions, language and history can be showcased, preserved and celebrated.

Besides individual and family memberships open to anyone and everyone, Norwegian House Society has affiliate relationships with many long-established organizations such as Sons of Norway and Nordmannsforbundet.

NHS spearheaded the construction of the half-sized Gokstad replica Viking Ship Munin.

NHS volunteers organize cultural events including the annual 17th Mai Constitution Celebration Dinner, maintain and update a library of Norwegian authors in Norwegian as well as support the addition of Norwegian writers translated into English to the common library at the Scandinavian Community Centre. As well, the organization offers language classes for children and adults, arts and crafts classes, feature guest speaker events, etc.

NHS maintains close contact with the Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa and the local Consulate and hosts events featuring official visitors from Norway, visiting Norwegian media, as well as sports, business and cultural guests. Volunteers are always happy to extend a warm welcome to visitors to their Canadian home.

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Scandinavian Community Centre
Scandinavian Community Centre2 months ago
Scandinavian Craft Fair tomorrow Sunday November 27 11am to 4pm at the Scandinavian Centre.