Date: Saturday October 21, 2023

Time: 1pm to 9pm

Contact and Information: 306 740-7997; Carolyn Thauberger  and Judith Anderson


Program Opening 1:00 pm

A Giant’s Grave: Shetland Island Dig (video)
Janet Gabites: Geochemistry Analysis
Judith Anderson: DNA Evidence
Carolyn Thauberger: New Interpretations

2:30 — Coffee with a Swedish flavour
Norse Archeology Book Display and Sale
Neil Price: Interpreting Archaeology (video)
Price and colleagues: Salme, Estonia,
Mass Ship Burials (videos)

4:30 — Coffee, Music, Book display

5:30 — Viking Buffet Supper (by donation)

7:00 Bill Arnott’s “Gone Viking,”

A Special Presentation for the Scandinavian Cultural Societies