Thorablot designThe Icelandic Canadian Club of British Columbia cordially invites you to þorrablót (Thorrablot)
Date: Saturday February 29, 2020
Time: Doors open 6 pm, Dinner 7 pm
Location: Scandinavian Community Centre
Cost: $40; 18 years and under $25
Contact and Ticket sales: Tickets can be reserved by filling out the online form or contact Joan Christensen by email at or phone (604) 737-6967
All ticket orders can be paid in advance by PayPal, or sending a cheque to the Icelandic Canadian Club of BC, Scandinavian Centre, address above, or paid at the door on February 29.

Cash and Cheques only. Reserve by Thursday morning, February 27.  No ticket sales at the door.

All tables will be reserved. We will arrange for those who wish to sit together at the same table, or at adjoining tables, to be able to do so. Also, anyone who is coming alone, or in a small group, will be seated with compatible company. When tickets are booked, you will be asked how many people are in your party and who you might like to be seated with, or near.

Menu: Our menu includes Hangikjt, Icelandic foods, salmon, vegetarian dishes, salads and dessert kleinur, pönnukökur, vínarterta, coffee or tea. Cash Bar
In the Icelandic room there will be a sampling of authentic Icelandic Þorramatur and Brennivín.

Entertainment: Sing-a-long, DJ and dancing.  Silent Auction and door prize

Dress: Semi-Formal

Post expires at 8:39am on Sunday March 1st, 2020