SOLD OUT ONLINE BAKE SALE — Christmas Sale of Icelandic Cultural Foods

Vinarterta, Kleinur, Brown Bread, Rullupylsa, Hangikjot, Lifrarpylsa

Payment will be by Pay Pal and credit cards

If you cannot order online, perhaps you can ask a relative or friend do so for you.

PICKUP DATE:  December 5, 2021, between 11 am- 3pm at the

Scandinavian Centre parking lot, 6540 Thomas St., Burnaby, BC, V5B 4P9.

Pickup times by car will be between 11am-3pm; times to be scheduled on your Order Form.  You will stay in your car and your order will be brought to you by a volunteer.

For additional information, contact:

Post expires at 6:00am on Monday December 6th, 2021