Christmas Sale 2022 – ORDER NOW!

Yes, we ARE getting together in person in December, and this year, things are both the same and different!

Bake Sale
All food items must be pre-ordered, and December 4th is the day to pick them up from the Scandinavian Centre! As you can expect, prices will reflect the current costs of ingredients and some basic club expenses. We are grateful to the many volunteers who do all the work to prepare, bake, package, and distribute our Christmas treats!

Local Artisans
Take care of some of your Christmas shopping. Browse 7 tables of crafts and wares, including Icelandic calendars, knitted items, and speciality goods.

Harðfisk Cafe
You can meet friends and family around a table and sample your favourite delicacies – pönnukökur, kleinur, vinartetra, hangikjöt or rúllapylsa on brúnt brauð – all with a cup of coffee of course!

Don’t be disappointed – plan ahead by using the online ordering system for Icelandic baked goods and meats. Order ORDER ONLINE