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Icelandic Canadian Club of BC

The Icelandic Canadian Club of BC is one of the largest Icelandic clubs in North America. We have a membership of about 500 people of all ages. We are a dynamic group and have many Icelandic cultural activities for all members of the family. We invite you to join us.


The Icelandic Canadian Club of British Columbia traces its beginning to August 8th, 1908, when the Literary Society Ingólfur was established in Vancouver. Since it was established the name of the Club has been changed twice. The first change took place in 1946 when Ingólfur merged with the social club Ísafold under the name Ströndin. The second change took place in 1967 when the new name was adopted as part of a long-term re-organization of the Club. But through these nine decades and three different names the unity of the membership and the objectives of promoting a common fellowship and friendship between persons of Icelandic descent – remains unchanged.

The objects of the Society are:
(a) To promote an interest in Icelandic culture, traditions and fellowship;
(b) To promote the observation of Icelandic holidays;
(c) To entertain prominent guests from Iceland and North America;
(d) To bring together Icelanders, Canadians and other persons interested in the Icelandic culture, traditions and fellowship;
(e) To continue the objectives of the Ströndin Chapter of the INL.

The I.C.C of B.C. is the most active single Icelandic Organization in N. A. with a paid membership of about 5OO persons of all ages. It regularly holds Icelandic language classes, maintains an Icelandic Heritage Library and celebrates Icelandic holidays and cultural traditions, produces an 8 page monthly newsletter for its friends and members, offers a scholarship program to students of Icelandic descent. The I.C.C. of B.C. also works with the INL to achieve a national voice for Icelandic Culture throughout North America..

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Scandinavian Midsummer Festival and other events -
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is a group of retired men and women who meet at the Scandinavian Community Centre every Tuesday to do different chores to help with the upkeep of our Centre. It can be cleaning, gardening, mowing the lawn, fixing broken things, anything! WE NEED HELP!
Contact the Scandinavian Community Centre or just show up and say "Here I am. Please let me know how to help!"
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Scandinavian Midsummer Festival will be on June 22 & 23, 2024