In response to the revisions to PHO “Gathering and Events” published on Wednesday November 18th, and the added province-wide restrictions through BC declared state of emergency on November 21st, which extends the Social Ban to include all of BC, and the ban period now extended to last to at least February 5th, the Scandinavian Community Centre is implementing further restrictions to our operations.

  • Until further notice, all language classes, onsite meetings and social gatherings are cancelled.
  • Planned vendor markets are allowed to take place, as they by definition in the PHO “Gathering and Events” are ruled by the PHO Vendor Markets.
  • Only required, essential maintenance work is allowed to carry on at the Centre until further notice. The cancellation of all non-critical maintenance work applies to both contractors and volunteers.
  • Mandatory for all visitors to wear face mask at all times. People who cannot put on or remove a mask on their own are exempt. Masks for children under the age of 2 is not recommended.
  • A visitor can be refused entry if they do not wear a mask
  • No social group interactions are allowed on the property.
  • No social drink or food intake in the presence of others.
  • No preparation of food and drink for events allowed.

Dr. Henry states that the largest number of new Covid-19 cases arise from working adults spending time together outside regular work hours, engaging in non-work related activities often including eating and drinking together.

SCC COVID-19 Personal Conduct and Responsiblities v1.4

SCC COVID-19 Re-Start Operations Plan v1.1 

Let us put in the extra effort required to quell further spread of the Covid-19 virus!


Sincerely, SCCS Covid-19 Committee