In response to the PHO Guidance published May 25th, the Scandinavian Centre will open with limited capacity on August 1st.

  • Until then, all language classes, onsite meetings and social gatherings are cancelled.
  • Planned vendor markets are allowed to take place, as they by definition in the PHO “Gathering and Events” are ruled by the PHO Vendor Markets.
  • Only required, essential maintenance work is allowed to carry on at the Centre until further notice. The cancellation of all non-critical maintenance work applies to both contractors and volunteers.
  • Mandatory for all visitors to wear face mask at all times. People who cannot put on or remove a mask on their own are exempt. Masks for children under the age of 2 is not recommended.
  • A visitor can be refused entry if they do not wear a mask
  • No social group interactions are allowed on the property.
  • No social drink or food intake in the presence of others.
  • No preparation of food and drink for events allowed.

Our Personal Conduct and Responsibilities and Re-Start Operation plans:

Personal Conduct and Responsibilities June 2021

Re-Start II Operations Plan June 2021

Sincerely, SCCS Covid-19 Committee