The SCCS Covid-19 Committee has put together an information package presenting SCCS Covid-19 Plan reflecting the new/updated Covid-19 restrictions announced in the past few weeks by Dr. Henry.

(1) New Covid-19 Directives Oct 26 Oct 30 and Nov 7: How They Impact the Scandinavian Community Centre

(2) SCC COVID-19 Personal Conduct and Responsibilities v1.3

(3) SCC COVID-19 – Workplace Safety Plan v1.1

Operations Guidelines – Language Classes Members Meetings v1.1 in regards to expectation to wear face masks while visiting the Centre went out to all Language Classes/School late Friday afternoon on October 30th 2020.

Thank you for your continued support in preventing the spread of Covid-19 within our Scandinavian Community Centre!

AnnaKarin Tornqvist on behalf of the SCCS Covid-19 Committee