Welcome to the Scandinavian Community Centre

Welcome to the Scandinavian Community Centre


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Scholarships are awarded up to the graduate level of studies. Bursaries are available to all students including for post-graduate studies.

The student:

  1. must be a Canadian citizen or have Permanent Resident status
  2. must be a resident of British Columbia for at least the last 12 months
  3. must provide proof of their Finnish descent (e.g. names of family member(s), from where in Finland, and describe their connection to Finland and current exposure to Finnish culture), and
  4. must be enrolled in post-secondary studies at an accredited Canadian educational institution.

Students may apply and be awarded a scholarship or a bursary every two years (not consecutively) up to a maximum of three times.

2022 Application Package

The Application Package must include your completed online application and required documents as PDF attachments for either a Scholarship or a Bursary:

  1. Online Application – Provide contact information at the time of the deadline: address, phone, email
  2. Cover Letter – Elaborate about your connection to Finnish heritage, your family history,or any connections and contributions to the Finnish community. Give reason(s) why you have chosen a particular path of study or training.
  3. Resumé – List your education thus far and also any awards that you have received. Include general information about your work experience, hobbies, interests, and community/volunteer work experiences.
  4. Statement of Financial Need – Bursary applicants must establish financial need and provide a budget for the coming year, outlining existing resources, including scholarships and other bursaries, and forecasted expenses.
  5. Transcript of the latest available marks
  6. Verification of enrollment from the institution attending

Application Deadline
Submit your online application by Monday, 26 September 2022, at 5:00 pm PDT with requested attachments (PDF format only).

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Scandinavian Community Centre
Scandinavian Community Centre1 month ago
Scandinavian Midsummer Festival Wife Carrying Competition today! Pauli hard at work!
Scandinavian Community Centre
Scandinavian Community Centre2 months ago
Ride and Race! Saturday June 25th at 2.30pm!
Scandinavian Community Centre
Scandinavian Community Centre2 months ago
Tuesday Morning Volunteering Posted on Jun 4, 2022 | Home, Scandinavian Centre Tuesday Morning Volunteering Our fantastic, super-competent and dedicated Tuesday gang works wonders maintaining the Scandinavian Centre. The next three Tuesdays we need to get everything done for the Midsummer Festival o...

Finnish Canadian Rest Home Association

The Finnish Canadian Rest Home Association is currently accepting applications for its seniors’ rental housing units in Vancouver. Please direct all inquiries to :
Finnish Home
2288 Harrison Drive
Vancouver, B.C. V5P 2P6