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Vancouver Finlandia Club

In 1971, VFC formed as a non-profit, non-religious and non-political club to integrate and enlighten BC’s Finns, to improve its members’ well-being, to make Finland’s culture known to Canadians and vice versa. VFC sponsors children’s and adults’ folk dancing, athletic events and language lessons, grants scholarships, and holds numerous social events throughout the year.





Canadian Friends of Finland

Come and engage with others about Finland’s history and culture in British Columbia. Canadian Friends of Finland, CFF, for short, is a federally incorporated non-profit organization.  Operating out of the Scandinavian centre in Burnaby, BC, we welcome new members.  There are other non-connected chapters in Toronto and Ottawa.

Promote, Connect and Discover Suomi and Sisu

  • Cultural Activities: CFF organizes events such as art exhibitions, literature and architectural events, music performances, and activities that celebrate the Finnish heritage and people.
  • Language Refresh: We often show Finnish films with English sub-titles, there is a multi-lingual library you can access, and we publish various printed and digital newsletters and articles.  We have members with different levels of the Finnish language.
  • Food Culture: From historic traditions to current local food habits, we highlight various aspects of Nordic food and beverage.
  • Ethnic Heritage: Connect with those who share your heritage and cultural traditions. Explore your roots. Learn about a new culture, even if you come from elsewhere.
  • Community Connection: We network with other clubs at the centre and wish to highlight the richness of Nordic and Scandinavian countries and their impact in Canada. We promote academic, scientific, and cultural exchange between Finland and Canada.

Joining the CFF club can enrich your life by providing you with an opportunity to connect with those who share similar interests and passions. You can be a member, an active volunteer or join the Board.  Annual membership fees range from $12 to $20. These fees help to fund our activities.

Contact:  President, Dianne Kilback — Ph: 604 294‑3715 or

Visit our FB page at:

Visit the blog:


FinnFun School of Vancouver

FinnFun School provides a Finnish speaking environment for those interested in learning or maintaining their Finnish language skills. The school also promotes Finnish traditions and culture.Finnish holidays and celebrations form a large part of the curriculum. From time to time, students learn to bake Finnish delicacies or work on special craft projects. Younger students also learn through songs and games. Finnish movies, magazines, and newspapers are used to facilitate learning and to create a fun atmosphere.

It doesn’t matter what age you are or how much Finnish you know. You are always welcome to join FinnFun.

FinnFun School offers lessons in conversational Finnish to both adults and children, from beginners to advanced speakers.


Finnish Canadian Fish and Game Club

Paukku ja Koukku was formed in 1964 and its mandate is to promote and participate in all sorts of outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, fish and wildlife conservation, as well as practicing and teaching good sportsmanship, outdoor safety and ethics.

Markus Haukka

Finnish Canadian Rest Home Association

The Finnish Canadian Rest Home Association is a non-profit society which was founded in 1958 by a group of civic-minded Finnish Canadians. They saw a need in the community to establish and operate not only residential care facilities for persons in need of such care but also low rental housing for senior citizens while creating an environment to satisfy the cultural and social needs of people with Finnish and Estonian ancestry. Today, the Finnish Canadian Rest Home Association operates one highly-regarded residential care facility, the Finnish Home in Vancouver as well as low rental housing on site.

Contact: Raimo Väre, President


Finnish Heritage Society

The Heritage Society was established in 1983 to gather, catalog, store and display artifacts made or used by BC Finns as well as to preserve Finnish cultural heritage, writings, music, artifacts and memorabilia for British Columbians.

Juhani Saarinen 604–582-1931

Runeberg Chorus

The Chorus’ 30+ membership strives to advance the public education and appreciation of the art of choral and Scandinavian music by holding public concerts, and to help entertain persons in hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities through free concerts.

Dianne Kilback — Ph: (604) 294‑3715 or by

Runeberg Social Club

Runeberg Social Club is the registered entity of the Order of Runeberg, Vancouver Lodge 124  which was organized in 1925.

The Order bears the name of Johan Ludwig Runeberg, Finland’s National Poet. The aim of the Order of Runeberg, as a fraternal organization, is  to encourage unity, friendship, helpfulness, honor and preservation of the Finnish-Swedish culture.

Annabelle Kergan 604-291-7601


Other Finnish Organizations

Finnish Bethel Church

Kanadan Länsirannikon Suomalainen Luterilainen Seurakunta
Pastor Timo Saarinen – Ph: (604) 521‑7927

Finnish Events

Facility Rentals

We Have the Space For You!

Looking for a space for your Wedding, Office Party, Workshop or Special Event? Check out our Hall and Fireside Lounge both supported by an industrial kitchen! MORE INFO


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Finnish Canadian Rest Home Association

The Finnish Canadian Rest Home Association is currently accepting applications for its seniors’ rental housing units in Vancouver. Please direct all inquiries to :
Finnish Home
2288 Harrison Drive
Vancouver, B.C. V5P 2P6