Welcome to the Scandinavian Community Centre

Welcome to the Scandinavian Community Centre

About Us

Welcome to the Scandinavian Community Centre

The home of Scandinavian activities in the Lower Mainland.

The Scandinavian Community Centre Society (SCCS) is a meeting place for all Scandinavians, local and visiting, who strive to preserve and promote Nordic culture, community and spirit within the Metro Vancouver area.

The SCC is a non-profit organization that has evolved into a meeting place for the community at large through the energy and effort of dedicated volunteers for more than twenty years. It is a place where young and old from all walks of life can visit to experience Scandinavian traditions, culture and make friends for life.

Jointly owned by four charitable organizations, Danish House Society (DHS), Finland House Society (FHS), Norwegian House Society (NHS), Sweden House Society (SHS) and the Icelandic Canadian Club of British Columbia, the SCCS is the only facility of its kind in the world. It is the only community centre collectively operated by all five Scandinavian nationalities and has over 3,000 members.

The Centre is also supported by its associate Members: the Scandinavian Cultural Society, Scandinavian Dancers of Vancouver, Scandinavian Seniors and the Scandinavian Business Club of BC .


The Scandinavian Community Centre is the place where you can live out your dreams to sing, dance and master a new language!

Language Classes

Language Classes

Offering beginner, intermediate and advanced classes in all Scandinavian languages – take the class that fits you and develop your skills to the next level!




Sing your heart out in any one of the Scandinavian choirs that practice at the Centre!



Folk Dance

Folk Dance Lessons

If you’ve always wanted to learn the schottis, the hambo, the waltz, or even take a shot at the traditional Finnish dances, there is an enthusiastic group of dancers that would love for you to join them!


Baking Classes

If you’ve always wanted to learn to bake Scandinavian treats and specialties we offeres workshops and classes,to

Facility Rentals

We Have the Space For You!

Looking for a space for your Wedding, Office Party, Workshop or Special Event? Check out our Hall and Fireside Lounge both supported by an industrial kitchen! MORE INFO


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Scandinavian Craft Fair tomorrow Sunday November 27 11am to 4pm at the Scandinavian Centre.